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Is Your Vision Visionary?

A Big Mouse Vision is the First Step to Vibrant Leadership

Without vision, the people perish. Granted, that’s a bad translation of Proverbs 29:18, but the proverb itself is spot on. The problem is that most church visions teeter on a balance between insipid and impotent. Which is one of the reasons why so many congregations are going through the motions of “doing church” instead of […]

Why Most Mission Statements Miss the Mark

Is Your Mission Statement Missing the Mark?

A mission statement defines the purpose of an individual, group, business, or institution. Ostensibly, a mission statement defines the “end result” of the organization’s activities. “Shareholder profitability” may sound self-serving, but that is exactly the results expected of a publicly held corporation. The reason so many churches’ mission statements don’t achieve the expected results is […]

Tired of Herding Cats?

Tired of Herding Cats?

You probably hear it as often as I do. “Trying to get them organized is like herding cats.” Whether it’s being applied to the stewardship committee, the congregational council, or the local minister’s alliance, it’s an apt simile whenever you come across a pack of individuals who are more interested in getting what they want […]