Big Mouse With Kent
Excerpt from Chapter 7: Step 3 Vision

“It’s been said that good ideas are a dime a dozen. Everyone has at least one good idea … and most church members have at least a dime’s worth. But good ideas are just that. They’re good ideas. And the problem with good ideas is few of them ever get implemented. Most of the time they’re just distractions that get in the way like a mischief of mice.

“That’s pretty much a working definition of most church’s mission statements. They’re good ideas that look good on paper, but in the end they’re not worth very much because they’ve never been implemented. Plus, there are some church rats who’d concur their church’s mission statement is a distraction that gets in their way.”

“We are trying to make disciples,” Kent sighed, “but the mission isn’t our focus and it’s not taking us anywhere. It seems like it’s just another good idea we give some attention when we schedule Confirmation Classes for the youth or Baptism Classes for the adults.”

“Exactly. A mouse with values and a mission is little more than a good idea, albeit probably a really good idea. But it’s just a really good idea that hasn’t been implemented. A mouse that’s big enough to herd cats has a vision that’s so big and so inspiring that it gets the blood racing, the eyes open and focusing, and the feet moving. It’s that kind of vision that gives a big mouse life and causes church cats to drop whatever they’re doing to chase that big ol’ mouse wherever its heading.”

It appears that the church has found itself in an age where the word of the Lord seems rare and there aren’t many visions. Any church leader who has a really big vision is too often labeled arrogant, egotistic, pretentious, out-of-touch, or worse. Yet in today’s culture, it takes a vibrant vision that’s so big and so juicy that you can almost taste it to move anyone to action. And the church has become all the poorer for it.