Let us help you discover your own Big Mouse Vision with a Big Mouse Vision Event. The basic outline is below, but the content can be packaged to suit virtually any event, from one hour keynote to a multiple day retreat.

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The Power of a Big Mouse Vision

Without a powerful vision, people don’t just perish … they languish. A Big Mouse Vision  propels congregations toward an exciting, life-changing future – and the past loosens its grip on the present. The first session is an entertaining keynote that covers:

  • The difficulty of leading churches and herding cats
  • The mischief of myriad good ideas
  • Why it takes a really big mouse to herd cats

Finding Your Church’s Big Mouse

A Big Mouse Vision doesn’t just pounce on you, church leaders just about have to sneak up on it! The process starts with where you are and who you are as a congregation. A church that knows its strengths has something solid to build on. The second session is a workshop that guides the leadership through the Big Mouse Visioning Process.

The Big Mouse MAP

It’s one thing to have a compelling vision. It’s something else again to navigate and traverse the distance between “here” and “there.” Session three is a workshop presentation that will help your church leaders craft the vision Message, find out why it’s critical to Align everything to mission and the vision, and discover how to be Persistent in both mission alignment and vision attainment.

Big Mouse Leadership

It takes a well prepared leader and a committed leadership team to lead a congregation to a Big Mouse Vision. In this final workshop session, your church leaders will develop strategies, vision branding, and even marketing plans to bring the vision to life. By the end of the session they will have created a stra- tegic plan with a timeline for implementation.

The Power of a Big Mouse Vision can be tailored to meet the needs of virtually any group.

  • The Big Mouse Keynote
  • The Big Mouse Seminar
  • The Big Mouse Workshop
  • The Big Mouse Retreat
  • The Big Mouse Conference

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